Penumbra: Full Moon Party

JAN 28, 2021, AT 8 PM EST
A gathering for moon-gazers to share music, movement, and poetry

How to watch

This is a recording of the event that took place live on Zoom on January 28, 2021.

For music from DJ Queer Shoulder’s set, check out this Spotify playlist.

About this event

Are you in need of community after a long day at home or an escape from your everyday element to ground yourself in ritual?

The artists Brothers Sick (Ezra and Noah Benus), Yo-Yo Lin, and danilo machado invite all moon-gazers, selenophiles, and time-is-a-construct cuties to a virtual party on January 28 at 8 pm EST as we phase into the first full moon of 2021! Aquarius and Leo energy to the front!

The artists’ current Up Close digital project, Phases and the In-Betweens, on our website through February 11, is a reflection on our varying experiences of time during a pandemic as we grapple with being collectively ill in a sick world. As an extension of this artwork that transforms with the lunar cycle, come together to create time and make space during this period of transition.

The live, one-hour party hosted on Zoom features a brief time-body-mind ritual blessing with Brothers Sick, celestial poetry by Jimena Lucero, a lunar-themed DJ set by DJ Queer Shoulders (machado), and visuals and a movement score by Lin.


The event includes CART, audio descriptions, and ASL interpretation.


The Brothers Sick: Ezra on the left, Noah on the right. Two white Ashkenazi Jewish disabled brothers with dark brown hair sitting on a porch off of a red brick home on a summer night, dark sky in the background. Ezra is wearing a blue face mask, short sleeve white shirt with red, green, blue, yellow geometric shapes with blue pants, legs crossed and looking at Noah. Noah is wearing a red face mask, round metal glasses, a green short sleeve polo shirt, white pants with hands crossed in lap and legs spread, head looking straight towards the camera.
Photo: Shai Katz.
Brothers Sick
A portrait of Yo-Yo Lin: she is a Taiwanese American femme with long bleach blonde hair. She wears a red lip and smiles serenely at the camera in front of a tan studio backdrop.
Photo: Confidanz.
Yo-Yo Lin
Poet Jimena Lucero stands outside at night wearing a white face mask and plush coat. Lucero holds one hand behind her right ear with her long hair falling over her shoulder behind it.
Courtesy Jimena Lucero.
Jimena Lucero
A queer brown person wearing tan courderoy overalls, mask, and pink glasses poses with one leg crossed over the other. They stand on a gray stone path littered with leaves and surrounded by greenery and branches.
Photo: Avery Camp.
danilo machado
Brothers Sick
Ezra and Noah Benus are artists who founded Brothers Sick, a sibling artistic collaboration on disability justice, illness, and care. Ezra is an artist, educator, and curator, who addresses a range of themes in his art such as time, care, pain, and illness/health by tapping into his background and experience in Jewish studies, art history, and the embodiment of disability. He engages the self as a site where social, political, and spiritual forces collide through tapping into bodily knowledge and social constructions around values of normativity. He is currently a SHIFT Artist in Residence at EFA Project Space. Noah is a New York City-based photographer interested in exploring activism through social, educational, and political works. As a disabled artist, he ventures to reveal often overlooked moments through modes of portraiture, photojournalism, and studio works. His photographic works use alternative processes, and analog and digital formats to educate and advocate for access. Currently, he is completing his MA in visual arts education (K – 12) at CCNY.
Yo-Yo Lin
Yo-Yo Lin 林友友 is a Taiwanese American, interdisciplinary media artist who explores the possibilities of self-knowledge in the context of emerging, embodied technologies.
Jimena Lucero
Jimena Lucero is a poet, actor, and a sister. She was a 2019 – 20 Emerge-Surface-Be Fellow at the Poetry Project. Her writing appears in the Recluse, Nightboat’s Echo, EOAGH,, and more. She recently collaborated on a short film after her poem titled “Silver Femme.” Jimena’s work is rooted in trans liberation, disability justice, and future building.
danilo machado
Born in Medellín, Colombia, danilo machado is a poet, curator, and critic on occupied land interested in language’s potential for revealing tenderness, erasure, and relationships to power. A 2020 – 21 Poetry Project Emerge-Surface-Be Fellow, their writing has been featured in Hyperallergic, the Brooklyn Rail, ArtCritical, and TAYO Literary Magazine among others. machado is the author of the Post Post Post newsletter and has contributed writing to exhibitions at CUE Art Foundation, No Longer Empty, and Abrons Art Center. A producer of public programs at the Brooklyn Museum, machado is also the curator of the exhibitions Otherwise Obscured: Erasure in Body and Text (Franklin Street Works, 2019 – 20) and the upcoming support structures, featuring the 2019 – 20 cohort of Art Beyond Sight’s Art and Disability Residency. machado is the co-founder and co-curator of the reading series Maracuyá Peach and the chapbook/broadside fundraiser already felt: poems in revolt & bounty. They are working to show up with care for their communities.

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